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Sweden possesses all the essential prerequisites for a successful business. Its friendly entrepreneurial culture, highly-skilled workforce, and low levels of corruption and bureaucracy create a favorable business climate. However, starting and maintaining a company in Sweden requires local expertise. To ensure compliance with local regulations and timely operations, professional support from experts familiar with international business practices is essential, allowing you to manage your business efficiently even when unavailable.

Company registration services in Sweden

As a  corporate service provider Nordic GEM helps you at each stage of starting up and doing business in Sweden. To incorporate and run a company in Sweden you will need to verify your trademark, register your company name and corporate address, open a bank account and file all the necessary documents at the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket). 

Nordic GEM provides a full package of administration services throughout every phase of company formation and in case of company dissolution. 

Employer of record services in Sweden

As an employer of record (EOR) services provider Nordic GEM takes legal responsibility for your organization’s employees. Based in Sweden, we know where to look for talents, how to manage employment and payment in compliance with local labour law and tax regulations and how to handle the whole HR-spectrum in accordance with Swedish corporate culture. This enables us to provide quality EOR support regardless of your company’s size or unique needs. 

Accounting services in Sweden

To assess the performance of your business and effectively communicate your financial data to business owners and investors you need accurate ongoing bookkeeping. We at Nordic GEM provide you with high-class accountancy services such as financial reporting and annual reporting, bookkeeping, tax-managing services, filing tax refunds declarations and audit services. You can fully outsource your accounting or get assistance from our well-versed experts in specific tasks.

Managed payroll services in Sweden

Payroll services involve the management and processing of employee compensation, including salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions. Nordic GEM’s services include registering your local entity as an employer, executing monthly payroll runs and providing you with multilingual support. This means we handle all the documentation, calculate salaries, deductions, bonuses, and other employee benefits, communicate with local authorities, employees, and other relevant stakeholders and ensure accurate translations into your language.

Corporate secretarial services in Sweden

Nordic GEM’s secretarial services encompass the establishment of limited liability companies and branches for foreign entities. We handle ongoing secretarial tasks including drafting legal documents and completing necessary procedures related to directors, shareholders, entity names, and registered addresses. Additionally, we stay abreast of local regulatory changes. Our support extends to organizing and facilitating board meetings and serving as a representative for shareholders. Finally, we assist with the process of filing for the liquidation and dissolution of company entities as needed.

Fiduciary services in Sweden

Nordic GEM’s team of dedicated professionals provides exceptional fiduciary services that cater to your unique requirements. If you are not yet ready to move to Sweden, we can provide you with local representatives on the board of directors, process agent services, and fractional managing director service. Trust is paramount in fiduciary matters and we can ensure that the professionals appointed by Nordic GEM will bring valuable insights, expertise, and fresh perspective on how to navigate complex business landscapes.

Discover all corporate services in Sweden

Nordic GEM offers comprehensive support for setting up a business in Sweden, covering all aspects you may require. Explore our full range of services below:

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Nordic GEM is your partner for launching and growing your business in Finland. From initial registration to ongoing compliance, our tailored services are designed to meet your specific needs with local expertise and a dedication to excellence. Let us handle the details while you concentrate on effective development.

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