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We know that there are many challenges running an effective multi-jurisdiction enterprise - and we are here to help you.



Grow Your Business in the Nordics

Through our support, we provide a comprehensive bundle of services in the Nordics, which help our clients, and hopefully you, to succeed.

Corporate Secretarial

Your business venture in the Nordics starts here! Through our expertise we will guide your vision through all the hoops required by local authorities and regulations.

Our services include all the support needed in order for you to be able to focus on running a successful business.

These include:
  • Establishing of limited liability companies and branches of foreign companies
  • Executing ongoing administration and local compliance, drafting customary legal documents, and completing standard legal procedures (for directorships, shareholders, entity names and registered addresses);
  • Tracking of entity registrations and compliance deadlines, fulfilment of filing obligations with local authorities, and maintaining statutory records for your entity;
  • Tracking of local regulatory and legal changes;
  • Organising and holding board meetings, as well as acting as a shareholder's representative; and
  • Filing for liquidation and dissolution of your company entities;

Registered Address

Expanding to a new jurisdiction is a risky endeavour with many challenges. One of the many issues we are able to solve on your behalf is the provision of domiciliation services, which you are welcome to avail yourself of during the whole life of your entity, or for as long as you require.

Said services will comprise of:
  • Registering of the company's address at our business premises;
  • Receiving, scanning, and forwarding all documentation received via post or courier on behalf of your entity. Said forwarding is also not limited to just digital items, but to physical parcels as well; and
  • Forwarding of any additional communication that might be received on behalf of your entity.

Fiduciary Services

Are you planning to expand your business to the Nordics, but you do not wish to invest yet a local representative? We are Nordic GEM are able to provide the following services to ensure your business will be compliant with local residency regulations:

  • Providing local representation on the board of directors or similar positions through experienced professionals; or
  • Being registered as process agent for your entity, allowing us to act as recipient for service of legal documents relating to communication by local authorities, courts, and/or arbitration proceedings;

Statutory bookkeeping

As part of our services, we are eager to support your business by taking care of accounting and bookkeeping for your entity.

As every country has its own quirks and specialties, you can rest easy relying on our accounting specialists, who will be tasked with:

  • Taking care of the tax registration for your entity;
  • Managing any part of your accounting and financial reporting;
  • Filing of tax returns and employer's declarations with local authorities
  • Preparing your entity's annual report according to local standards to be filed with the authorities; and
  • Liaising with appointed auditor for review of the statutory reports

Payroll Administration Services

We offer a payroll service taking care of processing your payroll with the accuracy, timeliness, and consistency needed to run your business securely every single month. Even more so than with bookkeeping, navigating local regulations and providing the correct documentation in a different jurisdiction can be problematic and resource draining.

With our support provided both in the local language, as well as English, your payroll and compliance in the Nordics will be well taken care of. As part of our services, we will take care of:

  • Registering your local entity as an employer;
  • Executing routine of monthly payroll runs; and
  • Registering your foreign company as an employer in the Nordics.

Our Values

The Core Values that Drive Everything

When thinking about our values, we have looked back upon our years of experience in the field and reflected upon what was that our clients appreciated or looked for the most from their service provider. These are our answer:

  • Devotion

    The satisfaction of any and all our clients is our main concern, and we strive to deliver you the excellent service you need for your business to thrive and grow. Our goal is to consistently provide you with what you need in order to run your business in the Nordics. We put in the support, you enjoy the success.

  • Cultivation

    All our clients are important to us, as our involvement in your business enables us to bolster your endeavours. As such you can rest assured that, as long as you will allow us to service you, your needs will never stop being a priority in the future as they are from the first day.

  • Agility

    We are a young company of veterans, aware of how the rigidity of certain business practices can impede success. It is our firm belief that the status-quo tends to be less and less the answer, as business practices evolve ever faster. Our commitment is to be ahead of the curve in order to always provide you with the best support we can.

  • Transparency

    We believe that the core of every successful business is clear, straightforward, open and honest communication, upon which a relationship of trust can be established. We apply this value both to the external relationship with our clients, as well as internally among colleagues. The best ways for any relationship to grow, business or otherwise, is on a solid foundation of trust.

  • Support

    Our commitment to our clients and each other as colleagues goes beyond what is written on paper. Exceptional events like the most recent Pandemic have highlighted that sometimes client need support above and beyond what would be canonically required from a supplier. Should you have a need, please let us know and we will see all that we can do to assist.

  • Opportunity
  • Support
  • Growth
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Our Promise

  • The Right Team

    We have the right team, comprised of the right individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and know-how in finance, law and accounting, to deliver the service you need to enable your success.

  • Highest quality

    We are committed to delivering the highest quality services, the most rewarding and nurturing workplace environment for our employees, and to being a reliable and ethical service provider and employer.

  • Communication

    We will strive to always be both approachable as well as professional, so feel free to communicate with us in whichever manner your business might require.

  • Our network

    When advising you on any matter we will always try to ensure the maximum accuracy of our information, and, in every case, provide you with a as full as possible picture. Even should you ask us something beyond our scope, our extensive network of reliable contact will likely be able to fill in the gaps.

Our Team

The People at The Nordic GEM

Pavel Teplykh
Pavel Teplykh


Pavel has worked as both corporate lawyer and litigator and has management experience with several Nordic corporate service providers. He is ultimately responsible for GEM:s operations in the Nordics. Enjoys good food and always likes a chat, has an unhealthy obsession with Wikipedia.

LLM from Uppsala University - 2010

Fredrik Lindblom
Fredrik Lindblom

Senior Accounting Partner

Fredrik has, despite his young age, a solid experience with accounting and has managed several chartered accounting firms in Sweden. If you are GEM:S client - he is your go-to guy regarding accounting and bookkeeping matters.

MBA from Stockholm University - 2016

Claudia Cantell
Claudia Cantell

Junior Legal Officer

Claudia has worked with a couple of the biggest Nordic service providers and is apart from being a great lawyer, an administrative genius. Finnish native that handles GEM:s clients with a firm hand. Speaks English, Swedish and Finnish and is an elite level cheerleader competitor with several World Championships under her belt.

LLM from Stockholm University - 2021