Fractional MD

Experience Leadership without the Hassle with Our Fractional MD Service

Need professional leadership in the Nordic region without the commitment of a full-time hire? Our Fractional Managing Director Service provides top-tier management expertise on demand for all your administrative needs.

Say Goodbye to Full-Time Costs

With our Fractional MD Service, you only pay for the leadership you need. Save on costs associated with full-time benefits and overheads. Enjoy premium executive input at a fraction of the price.

Skip the Recruitment Hassle by Appointing a Director

Sourcing, vetting, and onboarding a MD can be a long and costly process. We eliminate that strain. Gain immediate access to our pre-vetted, experienced leaders ready to step in and drive your success.

Pay Only for What You Need

No need to pay for downtime or unproductive hours. With our service, you get the strategic leadership your company needs, exactly when it’s needed. Whether it’s 10 hours a month or 40, you’re in control.

Flexibility for an Ever-Changing Market with a Fractional Executive

As your business needs evolve, so can our involvement. Our Fractional MD can quickly scale their hours up or down in response to changes in your business, offering you unmatched agility in the face of change.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

We’re all about saving you time and resources. Our Fractional MD integrate seamlessly into your business, quickly understanding your unique needs and challenges to start delivering results right away.

Ready to experience the benefits of flexible, cost-effective leadership without the usual hassles and commitments? Discover how our Fractional Managing Director Service can provide the strategic advantage your business needs.

Service packages


Up to 5h/month

Yearly: €9,000


Up to 10h/month

Yearly: €18,000

Included value:

4+ board meetings

Corporate secretarial support


Up to 20h/month

Yearly: €36,000

Included Value:

Everything in silver

Registered address/mail handling

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