The Tech Arena 2024

Nordic GEM

Nordic GEM was in attendance at The Tech Arena 2024 live from a buzzing Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden!

CEO, Pavel Teplykh and CCSO, Maria Almerud

Represented by CEO Pavel Teplykh and CCSO Maria Almerud, we truly relished the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the innovative and dynamic landscape of Nordic and international business.

There is a reason why Sweden is named the Silicone Valley of Europe – and the evidence was here, at The Tech Arena 2024!

Impressive speeches delivered by Jessica Meir, Al Gore and Steve Wozniak as well as by a multitude of founders, investors and entrepreneurs with a lot of focus on AI and the sustainable projects show clearly where the trend for 2024 is heading.

We are happy with the collaborative vibe of this week and the opportunity to support forward-minded growing businesses by Nordic GEM.

See you at The Tech Arena next year!

We know that there are many challenges running an effective multi-jurisdiction enterprise - and we are here to help you.




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