Our commitment to employee work-life balance!

Pavel Teplykh

Nordic GEM is committed to being the coolest company to work at. These aren’t just words, we truly value our people and are confident that employee retention is one of the main factors of a company’s success. One crucial part of retaining the employees are benefits and we believe that benefits that improve people’s work-life balance are the most valued ones by the employees themselves.

Below is a summary of the benefits we offer to our people:

  • 30-hour workweek; 6-hour working day
  • 30 days of paid holiday per year
  • Extra holidays; 6 extra holiday days per year which aren’t mandatory public holidays in the Nordic jurisdictions (i.e., 23 of December, Maundy Thursday etc.)
  • Flexible workplace; 2 mandatory days at office per week and 3 days remote work from home unless separately agreed with the employee
  • Wellness allowance of EUR 400 per year
Pavel Teplykh
Pavel Teplykh
Pavel has worked as both corporate lawyer and litigator and has management experience with several Nordic corporate service providers. He is ultimately responsible for GEM:s operations in the Nordics. Enjoys good food and always likes a chat, has an unhealthy obsession with Wikipedia.

We know that there are many challenges running an effective multi-jurisdiction enterprise - and we are here to help you.




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