Nordic Bank Account Opening Service

Navigating Nordic Banking Made Easy

Looking to expand your business into the Nordic region but daunted by the complexities of establishing a banking presence? We’re here to make it effortless with our Nordic Bank Account Opening Service.

For just €4,000, our team can facilitate your bank account opening process in the Nordic country of your choice.

Your Gateway to Nordic Banking

Opening a bank account in the Nordics can be challenging due to regulatory complexities and foreign business protocols. We leverage our local expertise and networks to simplify this process for you. Our service is a hassle-free way for your business to set up its banking presence in the Nordic region.

Our Service

For a one-time fee of €4,000 per account per country, our service includes:

  • Preparation of Necessary Documents: We manage all the necessary paperwork to open your account.
  • Bank Selection Advice: We provide counsel on selecting a bank that suits your business needs.
  • Account Opening Assistance: We liaise with the bank to facilitate your account opening.
  • Ongoing Support: We provide post-opening support for a smooth banking experience.

A Small Investment, A Great Leap Forward

We understand the cost sensitivities and complexities businesses face when expanding abroad. The Nordic region offers an inviting business environment with its advanced economies, high living standards, and innovative industries. However, establishing banking relationships can be a hurdle. With our Bank Account Opening Service, you can clear this hurdle swiftly and confidently. Our team brings around 15 years of combined experience working for global service providers, ensuring you get a service that’s reliable and knowledgeable.

Unleash Your Nordic Potential

Why let banking complexities stand in the way of your Nordic ambitions? We’re more than a service provider – we’re your partner in Nordic expansion.
Our team’s familiarity with the local banking sector and solid relationships can help your business get the banking services it needs to establish and grow in the Nordic region.As a regulated business and audited by KPMG, we ensure your business stays compliant with all Nordic banking regulations.
Benefit from our local expertise and established networks to open your bank account seamlessly.

Let’s grow your business!

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