Our partners

Nordic GEM works with a trusted and selected group of partners. Our combined expertise leverages the extensive experience and proven track record of partnerships required to create services and products that meet your immediate needs as well as your aspirations. Learn more about our partners down below.

Agile legal

Agile Legal provides legal services and legal support to small and mid-sized businesses, funds, and law firms. Read more about them here.


Your partner for recruiting talents with international experience for business-oriented positions. Read more about Beyondo here.


Boardio connects growing businesses with advisors or board members who have the right experience, networks, and interest in their businesses. Read more here.


Exsus is a consulting firm with an international network across the globe. We are backed by qualified multicultural professionals, whose knowledge and experience provide the core elements of all the services that they provide. Read more here.

Hammarby Handboll

Hammarby is one of the most popular sports clubs in Stockholm, and all across Sweden. Nordic GEM is a proud sponsor of the handball section. More specifically – the junior teams aged 8 to 15. We believe in responsible growth – and that also applies to the communities we work in! Read more about Hammarby Handboll here.


Expert business solutions for corporate, tax, residence, and compliance. Read more about them here.


Charpstrat helps businesses and founders revamp their sales process to create a repeatable way of turning prospects into customers. Read more here.

We know that there are many challenges running an effective multi-jurisdiction enterprise - and we are here to help you.




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