Business opportunities in the Nordics

Valerio Gaddi

Business opportunities in the Nordics – in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – are vast as these countries are known for their highly developed economies, strong welfare systems, and high levels of social equality. The region is also renowned for its innovation. Many successful start-ups and multinational companies are based in one of the Nordic countries.

Doing business in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries

One of the key factors that make the Nordic countries an attractive destination for businesses is the highly skilled and educated workforce. The region has a strong tradition of investing in education and research, which has resulted in a highly educated population. The Nordic countries are also known for their high levels of digital literacy, making them a hub for tech start-ups.

Another factor that makes the Nordic countries an attractive destination for businesses is the ease of doing business. All four countries rank highly in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report, with Denmark, Sweden, and Norway ranking top 10 and Finland in the top 20.

Alongside a skilled workforce and favorable business environment, the Nordic countries offer a high quality of life, including good healthcare, education, and social welfare systems. This makes them an appealing destination for employees, which can significantly contribute to attracting talent for start-ups and multinational companies.

Nordic Gem: we help you setting and running your business in the Nordics

Nordic GEM is a superior provider of accounting, corporate secretarial, fiduciary, and payroll services in the Nordic countries.

Accounting services

Nordic GEM offers a comprehensive suite of accounting services, encompassing bookkeeping, payroll processing, and tax compliance. Additionally, we support businesses with financial reporting and analysis, and provide guidance on accounting standards and regulations specific to the Nordic countries.

Secretarial services

Nordic GEM specializes in supporting businesses with company formation, incorporation, and ongoing corporate secretarial needs. We also provide assistance with shareholder meetings, resolutions, and other important corporate governance matters.

Fiduciary services

Nordic GEM offers trustee and nominee services for businesses operating in the Nordic countries, providing a comprehensive range of fiduciary solutions. Additionally, our expert team offers guidance on regulatory compliance and assists with navigating other legal requirements essential for business operations in the region.


Nordic GEM offers a variety of payroll services, including payroll processing, tax calculation, social security contributions, and employee benefits management. Moreover, we provide expert advice on labor laws and Nordics-specific regulations to ensure compliance and smooth operations for your business.

Nordic Gem is your partner in doing business in the Nordics

Why choose Nordic Gem to start and run your business in the Nordics?

  • Our team comprises professionals specializing in finance, law, and accounting.
  • We have local expertise and take care of your business compliance with Nordic laws and regulations
  • Professionals from our extensive network will help you to find the ultimately accurate solution
  • We adjust our solutions and services to meet your company’s unique needs

Feel free to contact us and let us unpack your Nordic business opportunities for you.

Valerio Gaddi
Valerio Gaddi
Valerio comes from legal roles with big, global players – among them – one of the biggest service providers in the World. He is also knowledgeable with data protection and GDPR. Valerio is fluent in Italian, Swedish and English. A cheerful jokester and a lover of dogs.

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